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Volume 1: Spring (memory)

When spring wakes up, warmth shakes the earth. And it shakes you, too. You hear the sound of rain, and you're back in the porch with your mother. A brief snapshot of open water and broken ice, the smell of ripe dirt, letting warm air hit your teeth, and you're running through a childhood past. Earth, it's little triggers, moving time around again.


Volume 2: Summer (time)

One day in May it’s summer. Just like that, the grass is green again and you remember a day a few Augusts ago that struck you as sad. And that day is happening again in May. It was spring moments ago but here you are, wrapped by a thicker breeze and a mood you’ve certainly been under before. A past element of you is in the grass and budding trees, plump and grim, ready to burst. Progression; it’s inevitable little gesture. Even though there was a moment somewhere in the middle where nothing seemed like it would end at all.


volume 3: fall (change)

Fall comes, and it reminds us how far we've come. Change shakes the leaves to the ground and opens up the sky, exposing bare branches. Days shorten and mornings become darker. Moods and routines shift. We crave warmth and closeness. Can you believe it's October already? We ask. The year has gotten away from us, and we forge forward to become better versions of ourselves.


volume 4: Winter (wonder)

Winter hits and reminds us of a different kind of beauty. One that is destructive, fleeting, and covers our whole world - our branches and our ridges. We slow down and watch winter swirl around us, search for meaning inside of the quietness, and discover power in the truth.