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I write because Iā€™m curious about the world around me and writing helps me understand things a little better. For me, the scariest thing to discuss and decipher is the progression of time. Borderline gave me the space to be afraid of it, write feverishly about it, and while not understanding it completely - come to peace with it. I hope Borderline gives you what it has given me: a place to hold memories and fears, the capacity for wonder, and the understanding that time gives and takes, gives and takes. And the roundness of that time, is a gift.


Borderline is a 4-edition journey through what moves us. The idea came to me while exploring the wilderness, the earth that has held me so long -- enticing the idea that exploration and movement will always be our closest confidant. I mulled for a long time how best to describe what progression has meant to me and decided to separate it into four themes: memory, time, change, and wonder. I also wanted to give the book in small, loving doses (because these are deep things to discuss) so Borderline will be released in four volumes (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter) throughout the year.


I hope you find the entire Borderline series close to your heart. It is all of mine.